Copyright Law: the basics

Three weeks into the Creative Commons certificate and I do feel I’m catching up on conversations rather than firing ahead. I knew this would happen so no panic –work should get less busy in July.

In Module 2 we learned the basics of copyright law; the assignment required us to cover the purpose of copyright, what is copyrightable and what is not, the relationship between copyright and other methods of protecting intellectual property, how a person generally receives copyright protection for her work, the public domain, and exceptions and limitations to copyright. Since I’m working in the Netherlands, I think it’ll be of better use to me to look into the Dutch context as much as possible: if I were to explain copyright to my colleagues, I’d need a couple of ‘local’ examples, and to know about what’s different here from, for example, the rest of Europe. I feel I have betrayed my style in creating slides that may be too wordy, but with copyright you do need the words!

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